Strike Force Heroes 2 is a series of games adrenaline and suspense continues the success of the action shooter game Strike Force Heroes.


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In the next part of the series games Strike Force Heroes 2, players will choose between three types of games is: Campaign, Challenge, and Custom Game. Every time you hit or kill any of your enemies, you gain experience which then helps you level up, and gives you a unique opportunity to equip various kinds of commodities, skilled special and different weapons.

In the game Strike Force Heroes 2 you'll have to join battle against the enemy base in many different scientific studies. Kill enemies with incredible weapons! Upgrade after each win and add the heavy guns in their arsenal.

Strike Force Heroes 2 has a total of 15 missions with the seriousness and different genre, giving players can delight in exploring and entertainment. You can customize different levels when it comes to games like: Normal, Hard and Insane.

Besides the existing 15 existing campaigns Strike Force Heroes 2 also has 15 challenging missions that can be played in 3 difficulty modes start from Normal, Hard and Insane end up with. Each task using different types of games and limits the number of different points. In challenge mode before each respawn you can select different types of soldier. Each soldier has different weapons, armory and the ability to choose what you want and like best.

This type of mode that can be played in multiple game modes such as Death match, One Man Army, Gun Game, Team Death match, Capture The Flag, Domination and The Gun Game. The mode depends on the taste of the individual players and have the option for all players.

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Strike Force Heroes 2

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