Strike Force Heroes 2 is an upgraded version of a completely new for believers like action game, created by Armor Games.


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In this version, players will have to transform into a hero to conquer the area was occupied by the enemy and catch seized weapons to complete the task and raise his level.
In Strike Force Heroes 2 game, players will have to go through all four levels with 65 weapons. Top level 4 you will be trained 1 unique courses with over 65 weapons, multiple skills, and kill streaks, to customize your load out. Try the challenges to truly put your skills to the next level 1.
Train your soldiers with thousands of weapons, upgrade armor and camouflage, to complete your mission successfully in the Strike Force Heroes 2. There are five different classes of soldiers, each with unique abilities most, choose the one you like best.
You can choose the type of armor you like to camouflage and ready to destroy all enemies on the way you go to goal.
Strike Force Heroes 2 is a game attractive and interesting with many different levels of play. You can play online or download them to enjoy.

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Strike Force Heroes 2

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