Strike Force Heroes 2 is a very attractive game, not only gives the player the feeling excited but also rich practical experience and diversity.

Strike Force Heroes 2 was developed by Armor Games and become very popular soon after its release.

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One thing that stands out in the game is the setting of the different combat scenes.
Strike Force Heroes 2 offers a player with a variety of classes to choose from with the different classes divided into five categories namely: engineer, mercenary, general, juggernaut and sniper classes. Each of the five aforementioned classes has its own unique attributes with some of these attributes being different strengths and weakness for the soldier and different weapons capabilities.

The reward is in the form of better and more sophisticated weaponry being availed to the soldier making the soldier better equipped at dealing with the enemy.

The overall experience of the game is enhanced by the different character classes, different types of weapons and level modifiers which act as an incentive to encourage the player to unlock the game’s higher levels for a relatively new and exciting experience.

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Strike Force Heroes 2

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