Strike Force Heroes 2 is an online shooter game great and attractive. Continuing Strike Force Heroes 1, players will continue to play different characters to show off his shooting simultaneously fight the bad guys attack bases in outer space.

Strike Force Heroes 2 is also where you can custom your very own army and become an integral part.

Strike Force Heroes 2

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Strike Force Heroes 2 attractive and exciting but requires players to skillfully and fast mouse movements.

- The main feature of the game Strike Force Heroes 2:
* 5 character classes
* There are plenty of medals for you to conquer
* 15 compelling missions
* Insane 3 levels (easy), Normal (Normal) and Hard (Hard)
* Shop to upgrade weapons, ammunition
* Beautiful 2D graphics, vivid character design

You can download Strike Force Heroes 2, install it on your computer and play it right away in only a few steps
Play your favorite game at all times, even without an internet connection!

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Strike Force Heroes 2

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