Strike Force Heroes 2 have new gameplay and many characters, main characters are: Strike Force Heroes Team, Astronaut Space Force, GlobeX and Bots

Strike Force Heroes 2.

There are 15 levels in the Campaign. You can choose to play each individual level on Normal, Hard, or Insane difficulty. Those campaign are:

1. Station Repair 2. New Recruit 3. Break In 4. Reunion 5. Outsider Help 6. What's yours is mine 7. Familiar Faces 8. The Call 9. Time is Money 10. Gene Therapy 11. Revisiting 12. Sabotage 13. Reprogram 14. Clean Up 15. Last Hope

Maps are the areas that players and bots fight in, during the Campaign, Challenges, and in Custom Game. Maps can have environmental effects, such as jump pads, areas that affect movement, moving parts, and environmental hazards (zones or things that can kill you), such as the Disposal Beam. Although sometimes only a high amount of damage is dealt to the unfortunate victim instead of death.

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Strike Force Heroes 2

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